Let's have a cuppa and a sit down...

I'm relaunching this blog. It has sat idle for nearly 5 years. I guess part of that is the fault of Facebook and Twitter where short posts and diatribes are the norm. It doesn't take much effort to post. Hell, you don't even have to write in complete sentences

But, I want to write in complete sentences. I want, need - to put my thoughts down in a format that allows me to explore those ideas and communicate them more fully. Sometimes I need to vent in a form longer than a few expletives.

That said, let's catch up.

Since we last spoke I went back to school and re-trained as a medical assistant. I passed the national certification exam which I learned meant very little to my employer despite finishing in the 98th percentile. I went to work for a FQHC (Federally Qualified Community Health Center) in a very impoverished area of the city near my home. It was both incredibly rewarding and terribly frustrating as I watched patients struggle for the most basic services in this wreck of a healthcare system we continue to be told is the "best in the world." (Newsflash, it's pretty horrible really.) In that time I have also retired as my chronic health problems continue to plague me.

My beloved nephew, Darron was killed in a car wreck in his last semester of college. He was studying psychology. I flew back to South Carolina for the funeral in February 2014.

In a bit of irony the Federal Circuit Court ruled that Arizona's marriage ban was unconstitutional on his next birthday. He'd been a supporter of marriage equality. A few months later Michael and I married. We just recently celebrated our third wedding anniversary and 20th year together.

I lost a dear friend thanks to Fox radicalization. My dear and kind friend went from that to spouting racist rants against "illegals." She opposed any help for people on the healthcare front calling any attempt to modernize our system as "socialism." We drifted apart and finally just lost touch.

Most recently I "came out" and joined the Democratic Socialists of America. Yes, I am a Socialist in the grand tradition of European nations. I think we can learn a lot from looking at particularly the Scandinavian countries with Democratic Socialist policies.

So, that's how things have been in a nutshell. Now, let's see what's going on in the world.