Are they trying to kill us?

'Sugar Dish' photo (c) 2011, Steve Snodgrass - license: few weeks after my liver transplant a study came out that linked High Fructose Corn Syrup which is used in nearly everything these days to liver damage and disease. It seemed that the HFCS in sodas, candy, fruit juices and other things labeled "healthy" was doing as big a number on the liver as guzzling alcohol like a college kid on a four-year bender. The corn people immediately began to work to quash the research and that's why they launched all those commercials you now see everywhere.

I was a soda and sweets junkie my entire life. It's pretty reasonable to assume that HFCS had a lot to do with my liver failing. So, I've avoided it like the plague that it is. I switched to diet soda when I drank soda thinking at least it was lower calorie and didn't have HFCS.

Of course, the soda people can't even get that right. They almost universally use Aspartame in their diet drinks (the only exception is RC which uses Sucralose). I really didn't think much about it, though. However, for the past few months, my liver enzymes keep taking bounces up and down. There were no signs of rejection so no one could quite figure out what was going on.

A couple weeks ago they bounced up again. It was right after I'd started my diet and I was drinking a good bit of Diet Sierra Mist because I enjoyed the cool and clean citrus taste. My doctor wanted me to recheck the enzymes with a blood test in a couple weeks and if they were still up I'd have to have a painful biopsy to figure out what was going on. Shortly after leaving the office I was thinking about the enzymes. She said that my AST (Aspartate Aminotransferase) was higher than the ALT. Something sort of clicked in the back of my mind. Aspartate and Aspartame. Could there be some connection? So, I decided to hit the scholarly research section of Google and found that there was indeed a connection. As early as 1975 when Aspartame was being tested there were signs it was toxic to the liver. Sure enough, over the years there have been lots of cases of liver toxicity from the artificial sweetener!

So, I stopped drinking or eating anything with Aspartame in it. I went back in two weeks for my tests. The results? Not only were my enzymes back in the normal range but they had dropped by 75% from where they were! They were the lowest they have been in a couple years!

While it's anecdotal, I certainly think that I was showing signs of toxicity from Aspartame. I've added it to my "To be avoided at all costs" list and have vowed to let others know what it might be quietly doing to their bodies. I'm unusual in that I have liver enzyme tests monthly. Most people go through their entire lives without one until it's too late. Don't let aspartame wreck your health (along with HFCS). If you drink more than one 8 oz. glass of diet soda with Aspartame a day, stop now and ask your doctor to check your liver enzymes. If you drink more than one 8oz. glass of regular soda with HFCS do the same! Your liver will thank you and it just might save your life!