And We're.... back!

It's been awhile since I posted anything on here. In fact, it looks like a little over 9 months. There's a few reasons for that. First, this had turned into a political blog of sorts and I was bored with all that. I'd started a food blog back in 2009 that actually has been somewhat successful. So, I've been spending the lion's share of my time on that. Second, I'd really lost interest in just rehashing things that were happening in the world. After all, the only people who seemed to care much about what I thought on politics could get my viewpoints via Facebook. So, what was the point of penning entire posts here?

So, obviously, SESW has sat fallow for a long while. I actually even took it offline because I got tired of dealing with comments on very, very old posts when I wasn't actively working on the blog. Now, however, I've decided to bring it back in a different form. Yes, all the old posts are there but the focus is going to be more on my personal life, struggles and triumphs. I'll leave the more political stuff for other avenues and my normal rants on religion for elsewhere as well.

This is going to be a lot more personal than it was before. I'll be talking about my current attempt to lose weight, learning to be active again after being sedentary for about 3 years and putting on over 120 pounds in that time. I'll talk about what's happening in my world from what I'm watching on TV to what movies catch my attention. I'll tell you all about places I visit and people I meet. I'll even bore you with photos and video.

So, welcome, again, to Southeast to Southwest in its new iteration.