Why the Giffords Shooting Won't Change a Thing...

It's nice there's something of a conversation going on about political hatred and rhetoric. Unfortunately, that conversation is taking part on only one side of the issues, as usual. In fact, those of us left of center are getting very good at holding debates with the mirror because the other side puts their fingers in their ears and starts intoning "I can't hear you!" 
Think I'm joking? Here's a sampling of what I've personally come across in the past 24 from the right/conservative side of things:
  1. She crammed Obamacare down our throats. Guess she made someone mad. (chuckling)
  2. Stop trying to blame Palin and Fox. You people need to put on your big boy and big girl panties and take responsibility for what's going on. 
  3. Arizona has always been conservative but these nuts from Cali are changing that. For the worse IMO. Until the government starts listening to the people this is going to continue to happen!
  4. The left hated her more than the right and his Twitter friend said he was liberal! (Talking about a girl who has not seen the shooter since high school and posted on Twitter hoping for an interview. She later was very pleased to report the number of media requests and offers to appear on morning shows she received from her tweet.)
  5. Oh, the libtards and their pathetic attempts at blaming the Tea Party ( or Bush, Palin, or Fox) for everything.
  6. Despite not having any evidence, a lot of our Liberals friend seem convinced they know why this incoherent bat-shit crazy guy did this.........Must be an "it takes one to know one" kind of thing......
And there you have it. While those left of center engage in a bit of introspection and consider whether our own speech has ever crossed a line into violent rhetoric, those on the right side continue the drumbeat of contempt, hatred, name-calling, scorn, and vitriol. 
At the end of the day, as always, those left of center will take away hard lessons from a tragedy, while those on the right continue in the same paths with never a moment's reflection. If you think things are going to change, you're sadly mistaken. If the common conservative wants hate speech, contempt, and violent rhetoric the folks at the top and the entertainers will gladly oblige. Don't expect things to get better. They're likely to get a lot worse on the ground judging from grassroots right-wing rhetoric in the past 24 hours.