Smuckers - What a Bunch of Schmucks

Poor Johnny Weir can't catch a break. The guy who has wowed audiences around the world with his style and finesse on the ice, the guy who has sparked a debate over the future of ice skating (art vs. muscle), and one of the most unique skaters in history, has once again found himself at the center of controversy. This time, it wasn't even anything he said!

The "Stars on Ice" showcase features top skaters from around the world including Olympians and world title holders. Weir certainly meets the criteria. He is a two time Olympian, three-time National Champion, and has various medals from international competitions including the Grand Prix.

But, none of that is good enough for Smucker's who sponsors the show. GLAAD reports that anonymous sources from the organization have confirmed that Weir is to be snubbed because he is not "family friendly."

Really? The kid travels with his mother and his aunt. He pays for his brother's education and helps support his family with the money he makes on tours just like "Stars on Ice" in the off-season. How much more "family friendly" can you get?

No, what they really mean is that Weir looks gay. He hasn't even officially come out, but it's about the worst kept secret in the universe. Still, it seems Smucker's has a problem with gays or at least people who might be perceived as gay.

I should be shocked, but honestly, I'm well past that anymore. It's time for Smucker's to fess up to its homophobia and ask Johnny Weir to join the show even if he refuses them.