Is America Hopelessly Insane?

I read my daily newsfeed and see what my friends post on Facebook and Twitter and I wonder if this nation has gone hopelessly insane since the 1980's. With the advent of Reagan and his bizarre blend of Christian wingnuts, laissez-faire robber barons, and military hawks and profiteers it seemed we were headed down a dark path. Then after his reign and one term by his chosen disciple George H.W. Bush we got a reprieve in the Clinton years. Except, the craziness just heated up. The people who loved Reagan and Bush refused to accept rule by anyone else. They actually tried to impeach a President over a blowjob! Then we had an election stolen by right-wing operatives - most trained in the Reagan/Bush administration. That launched what is arguably the most devastating administration in the history of the nation. Then, at last, we saw a reprieve in the election of Barack Obama who was supposed to right the wrongs. But again, the wingnuts refuse to accept anyone in power but one of their own. The craziness has risen to fever pitch egged on by complete crazies like Beck, Armey, O'Reilly, and Limbaugh and broadcast 24/7 by the Republican Fringe's personal network - Fox News.

But then, I think: Surely this all because I'm reading about these morons every day. It can't be as bad as all that. Then I drive to my local supermarket and park behind a huge pick-up truck parked backward (one of my pet peeves). The back of the truck is covered in stickers: the "Obama Joker" face, one that reads "Are you sorry yet?", another touting that Christians aren't perfect, just saved, and the requisite 2nd Amendment come-ons.

Maybe it is this bad. Maybe our nation has gone utterly insane and there is no chance of restoring sanity. After all, it's 2010 and events today sounded more like 1960 with "Tea Partiers" all but assaulting Democratic members of Congress and screaming: "Ni**er" at Rep. James Clyburn (a wonderful man I know personally and a Civil Rights hero in SC) as well as Rep. Lewis who was beaten in Selma. Both men expressed their shock and Rep. Clyburn commented he had not heard such language and racism expressed so openly since those horrid days of segregation. This is what these people really are all about. As I commented to a friend: You can take the cracker out of the Klan but you can't take the Klan out of the cracker. That is exactly the ilk of every single member of this "Tea Party" nonsense. They are cut from exactly the same cloth as the racists of the 50's and 60's - ignorant, paranoid, self-assured in their own religious fanaticism, armed, and dangerous.

Then they turned their attention to Rep. Barney Frank screaming "Fa**ot!" at him. Again, this is not shocking, they are simply showing their true colors. Try as their keepers might a racist and homophobic mob cannot be expected to present a pretty picture for the cameras. Sure, Fox News carefully is editing out this stuff but it can't be hidden from everyone. In short, if you support these people you might as well pull out that Confederate flag and white hood because you've decided to join the new version of the "White Citizens Council."

But, that's not all. The Republican party is so wrapped up in this craziness that there is no hope at present for anyone within that group acting as a responsible adult and citizen. They fall over themselves to destroy the very foundations of civilization in our nation at the moment. And if you doubt that "conservative" is not code for "racist" just look at "conservative" bulletin boards where far from being incensed at such behavior they think it's just fine and blown out of proportion.

Here in Arizona, they have so mismanaged the state (they are such a majority that Democrats in state government are nearly non-existent) that it teeters on the brink of bankruptcy. They slash taxes for the wealthy and slash programs to assist the poor. This week they ceased programs to provide healthcare to children. Just stopped it and told kids they'd better stay well or die quickly.

Let's not even go into their bizarre social engineering exercises headed by a weird coalition of Mormons and White Nationalists that basically criminalize having brown skin or letting someone into your home that has brown skin and making it impossible for single people to adopt children. Then they spend time on such pressing matters as discussing and passing legislation to make sure that the hybrid aliens from "Avatar" won't be allowed in Arizona. Seriously, they spent time on a law that outlaws "human and other species hybrids." All the while the state is going broke.

Honestly, it does appear our nation has gone completely insane. Perhaps these people really are a minority but any Republican at this point returned to power is a signal that there are enough insane people to harm the rest of us. There just can be no trust of anyone running for office under the banner of that party as long as it is in bed with the "Tea Party" and various religious organizations. In short, a vote for a Republican anymore is a vote for further insanity and destruction of our civilization and society. Honestly, I think it's gotten that bad.

After all, when the Teabaggers were screaming "Ni**er" and "Fa**ot" in the halls of the U.S. Capitol today the Republicans were egging them on and giggling. Yup, these are the folks we trust to govern... truly the inmates are in charge of the asylum.