How Serious Is This?

Each day it seems the "Tea Party" people edge closer and closer to violence. In the New York Times there is a story about a little old grandmother who has literally lost her mind by listening to all this. She is now entangled with radical people like Richard Mack from Arizona and other "militia" and white supremacist types.

Is it simply racism that caused all this? Honestly, is it just the fact that an African American who 50 years ago couldn't have ridden the same elevator as she (unless he was operating it) that gets her somehow? It's hard to say. She even admits that her family worries about her sanity.

I'd say with good reason. She is playing a dangerous game with dangerous people and a sane person would have the good sense to see that. Rebellion and violence are last resorts when a government has become intolerable. Our government is far from that. Indeed, if she were worried about her liberty she'd have been concerned about the arbitrary suspension of Habeus Corpus by the Bushies - instead she supported them fully and sees nothing wrong with leaving the Constitution in tatters as long as "he" is removed from office and "liberals" are punished. This is not a political rebellion but the race war we've been holding our breath about for a 100 years. Look around a teabag group... how many non-white faces do you see?

These people like to style themselves after the great political philosophers who founded our nation. Yet, they eschew education and intelligence and prefer guns, god, and slogans. Their political beliefs are shallow and illogical - contradicting themselves at ever turn. They're against government interference in people's lives but support the government telling people they can't choose to have an abortion or telling people who they can love or marry. They think our court system is flawed and corrupt but love it when someone is executed by those courts. They don't want to pay taxes but want a huge Christian army to battle the "heathens."

So, should we be worried about this growing bunch of crazies? Surely not, right? After all, we have a standing army tasked with upholding the lawful government of the country. Didn't anyone learn anything from the Civil War?

But, how reliable is our army? In the past two decades our military has been infiltrated by ultra right wing Christians who have slowly turned it into a religious organization who seems to be beholden to no one but the ultra right wing. After all, we have seen several incidents whereby military leaders have openly defied or challenged the President. Would this military actually act to put down violence or open rebellion or refuse to intervene against their ideologue twins?

So, is the "Tea Party" crowd, made up mostly of borderline insane individuals whose ability to plan is often limited to what to order for lunch, a serious threat to our national security and peace?  Do they have the wherewithal to destroy our system of government and put into place a modified theocracy where white Christians will once more be given the predominant position and society and all others will be weeded out? Are their Christian run concentration camps for LGBT people, Jews, non-Christians, liberals, Muslims and others in our future?  Is it time that we make plans to get out of the USA as the smart people did to get out of Germany in the 1930's when another radical populist driven group of crazies took power?

What do you think?  Could we see septuagenarian bombers attacking Federal facilities or even the homes of those they deem "enemies"? I'd be interested to know what others think of this growing threat to our national security within our own borders.