Sponsors of Hate Speech

Update: See State Farm's response below!

Here's an interesting video from Media Matters that show the major sponsors of Glenn Beck's running crazy train. This is the same Glenn Beck who has advocated poisoning members of Congress and inspired one of his regular crazies to carry a gun to President Obama's town hall.

So, I suggest that you write to these companies and let them know that until they stop sponsoring hate speech you won't be patronizing them. In fact, here's a copy of the letter I just sent to our insurance company, State Farm.
Dear State Farm:

We are shocked to see that you are sponsoring Glenn Beck's shows and publicly supporting his hate speech, racist diatribes, anti-gay rhetoric, calls for violence, and even calls for assassination of elected leaders.

While you may feel that your sponsorship does not mean you "support" his views, the reality is that your sponsorship does exactly that. Without your financial support he would be unable to carry on so irresponsibly and with such dire consequences for so many in a public forum. Because of your direct sponsorship of Mr. Beck, a man was caught at the President's town hall event with a gun after being inspired by Beck to attend while armed.

This past week we renewed our quarterly insurance before becoming aware of your involvement in this show. Interestingly, we learned on the same day that State Farm is standing arm in arm with the forces of intolerance and violence that Geico has pulled all support of Beck's shows. Therefore, unless we learn that State Farm has also stopped its sponsorship of this hatefest, we will certainly be switching our insurance to a more responsible company when we are ready for renewal in a few months.

I hope, that in the next few days to hear that State Farm has done the right thing and distanced itself from the likes of Glenn Beck and said it will no longer be the financial underwriter of hate and violence at this point in our nation's history.

So, there you have it. Hope you'll follow suit. Here's how you can contact the companies sponsoring Beck's particular brand of crazy violence.

Update: This morning we received the following email from State Farm. It appears they are no longer planning to sponsor Mr. Beck's show either. In fact, they're disavowing that their sponsorship was anything other than a monumental mistake by the ad department.

Thank you for your recent e-mail concerning State Farm’s advertising on the Fox network.

Recently, there was a breakdown in the execution of State Farm’s advertising guidelines and a few commercials mistakenly appeared for a brief time on a couple political discussion programs.

Understanding our millions of customers and thousands of associates hold a full spectrum of views on political issues, State Farm has a long-standing practice of not advertising in political discussion programming. This advertising applies regardless of a program’s political point of view.

State Farm continuously monitors programming to ensure quality control and that our political issues advertising guidelines are maintained.

Thank you for your e-mail and your continued support of State Farm Insurance, both are greatly appreciated.


Jairon L. Wills
Executive Customer Service Supervisor
State Farm Insurance