Let's all join hands and sing Kumbaya...

Maybe I'm just a cynic. Maybe I just have a natural suspicion of self-important people. I don't know what it is, but I do know that the whole Netroots Nation thing leaves me feeling like the girl in the slasher film who hears something in the next room just before she gets offed.

Netroots Nation is supposedly this great democratic and Progressive (the little d and capital p are on purpose there) convention meant to "empower" bloggers and others. But, somehow it seems more like a boot camp for toeing the Democratic (big d) party line anymore.

Their big events now seem to be opportunities for Democratic bigwigs to talk at a bunch of bloggers and give them the party marching orders. It's this big slick deal where the usual suspects in the upper blogosphere assert their alpha dog status while congratulating each other about how great they are and how they changed the world.

In short, it just smells when you're down here on the ground.

Case in point. Today I go to my "non-traditional media" for the news. Lo and behold what do I find? Well, I find a daisy chain of self-pleasure over Netroots Nation. Yes indeed, the world stopped and nothing has happened but all the Democratic (big d) bloggers joining hands and singing Kumbaya while being talked at by the likes of Bill Clinton who, by the way, blames the Gays for DOMA and DADT. In short, "don't look at me. It's your fault because you aren't popular!" Speaking of which, don't you love Michael Jones over at Change.org (read Demo central) for this Big Bill stroking?

So, excuse me, but after reading the self-love going on at this mini-elitist gathering all I can think is: Who do I trust if I can't trust TradMed and now I can't trust the independent voices because they're all up the ass of the Democrats at this summer camp?

Oh well... every movement when it becomes large enough will be co-opted and shaped by the prevailing powers that be. Netroots Nation seems to be proof of that.