Is There No LGBT Issue So Small the Mormons Won't Jump In?

I have a very dear friend who serves on the Human Relations Advisory Board for the City of Mesa, AZ. They have been considering an ordinance to establish Domestic Partnerships and call for sexual orientation and gender to be added to the non-discrimination language for the city.

In reality both are fairly symbolic. While city Domestic Partnership ordinances make us feel better they really don't have much affect in securing even the most basic rights. In short, they are statements that the city views LGBT people and couples as vital parts of the community and deserving of respect.

Yet, no statement can be allowed to be made that is not calling for condemnation or violence if you are the Mormon Church.

Indeed, they are mobilizing NATIONWIDE to fight a simple city ordinance in a suburb. According to my friend, Mitt Romney has already weighed in on the issue denouncing the ordinance. They have been asking anti-gay Mormons and other anti-gay extremists to flood Mesa with anti-gay letters, phone calls, and emails.

It also appears that one of the local Republicans has ties to both the church and the anti-gay front organizations. I'm still working on information on that, but looks like he could be the smoking gun in the Mormon church being a political rather than a religious group and deserving of having their church status stripped.

So, if you'd like to help counter the nationwide anti-gay Mormon forces you can drop a line to the Mesa City Council or call Mayor Scott Smith at 480-644-2388 and let them know that you support LGBT Equality and the Domestic Partnership proposal. Please be respectful as the HRAB is sympathetic to us and have been working hard to counter the Mormon's anti-gay propaganda.

I'm preparing a "real" news story on this development for the Examiner and will update this post with a link there once I have all the details and have unravelled the Mormon money train driving this meddling in a local issue.