Intellectual Laziness...

I was taking one of those time-wasting Facebook quizzes and one of the questions asked for my "pet peeve."

I wasn't sure what to put there. I have many. But I realized that most of my pet peeves sprang from one thing: intellectual laziness.

What I mean is that I find foolish people nearly impossible to stomach. Illogical ideas and stupid statements devoid of thought or experience drive me utterly nuts and often into a fury. But, the root cause of much of that is simply intellectual laziness.

I define intellectual laziness as the refusal of people to explore the facts about opinions they hold. Intellectually lazy people are those who hear a rumor and immediately assume it's truthfulness, no matter how outlandish and run with it.

Intellectually lazy people are the ones who receive the latest email "warning" about a virus that will take over your computer then infect your TV and cellphone making them murder you in the middle of the night - and immediately pass it on. They're the ones who really believe if they don't send the little picture of a flower on to 15 other people their "true love" will be struck dead by midnight.

These are the people who never take a moment to objectively look at a statement and weight its validity. They are the ones who never bother to simply check the facts of a rumor before jumping into it with both feet.

I would say that most of the people in the astroturfed "Teabagger" movement are intellectually lazy. Oh Hell, what am I saying? They are all intellectually lazy. If they were not there is no way they could buy the idea that trying to fix our health care crisis is really a front to kill Sara Palin's retarded kid. If they had six brain cells among them they would take a listen to the words coming out of their own mouths and those of their talking head leaders and go "WTF? This is crazy and illogical!"

But, being lazy slobs they just accept what they are told as long it reinforces their own ignorance and sense of paranoia and go happily along. After all, the intellectually lazy are never happy unless they are under siege by either a "foreign born" and suspiciously non-white President or the latest "hackers" trying to steal their identity or some nebulous virus that is going to cause their connection to the Drudge Report and Glenn Beck to crash.

So, my pet peeve: intellectually lazy people who can't seem to find their God-given ability to reason and follow logic buried in all the God-damned religion and hate they have been taught by churches and social conservative leaders.

That is my pet peeve.

Oh, and the next time I hear a Conservative Teabagger say: "Just because you're paranoid it doesn't mean they aren't really out to get you." I'm going to suggest that as a self-confessed paranoiac they immediately check themselves into a mental hospital for a minimum of 48 hours observation and medication.