100 Angry White Dudes and Journalist Walk Into a Town Hall...

And the journalist pees in his pants because he has the opportunity to create a movement out of whole cloth.

Media Matters' Eric Boehlert brings us a brilliant analysis of how those on the left protesting the Iraq War and Bush policies were routinely classified as "fringe" by the MSM at the time and ignored. Compare that to today when a few dozen screaming sexagenarians at a Town Hall and some crazy militia types carrying AK-47's are seen as the epitome of enlightened discourse by our media elites.
And just so there's no doubt in people's mind, the blanket coverage the mini-mobs are lapping up (i.e. the mobs are hugely important!) stands in stark contrast to the way the press often did its best to ignore liberal protesters who spoke out against the war in Iraq.

For instance, in October 2002, when more than 100,000 people gathered in Washington, D.C., to oppose the war, The Washington Post put the story not on the front page, but in the Metro section with, as the paper's ombudsman later lamented, "a couple of ho-hum photographs that captured the protest's fringe elements."

For that same 2002 anti-war rally, The New York Times also bungled its reporting. The day after the event, the newspaper published a small article on Page 8, which was accompanied by a photo that was larger than the article itself. And in the article, the Times falsely reported that "fewer people attended than organizers had said they hoped for."

This is a MUST read analysis of how the MSM has become so afraid of the Right Wing's constant claim of a "Liberal Media" that they are now constructing their reporting to follow their talking points.