Tucson's GLBT Community Center In Peril

From the Tucson Gay Examiner:
In a startling announcement, the Wingspan Community Center Board of Directors announced yesterday that their battles with finances due to the recent economic downturn had reached a head.

Board President Cynthia Garcia announced through an email and Facebook posting that current Executive Director Jason Cianciotta had submitted his resignation in order to save funds and keep the doors of the community center open. Cianciotta has agreed to accept a $1 salary through July 31st in order to assist with the transition.

In addition to Cianciotta's departure, Caz Spring the media relations manager will also be leaving Wingspan.

Both Cianciotta and Springer have been instrumental in forging new ties with groups in the community and rebuilding relationships with both individuals and other non-profits.

In addition to these staff changes, it was announced that Wingspan would be moving from its current location across the street into what is currently the EON Youth Lounge. The move will take place immediately, beginning this morning at 9am. (read more)