Personal Updates...

It's been over a month since my last somewhat regular post on here. Well, things have been busy in strange ways.

Michael and I began bowling in a league here in Tucson with our friend Jeff. We do that every Thursday now and even went so far as to get bowling balls, shoes, and other accoutrements. It's been a lot of fun and we've even been going on weekends sometimes to practice.

The Day of Decision event went off nicely in May and I was pleased with the turnout and media response. The local police were wonderful in responding to our needs and keeping us safe.

Medical issues seem to be resolved. My insurance finally approved all my meds so I'm not having to stress about that now. I was also switched to a managed Medicare plan that provides better options for co-pays and other benefits. So far I'm happy with it. I've also found a new Primary Care doctor thanks to my best pal Sandy who also works for my GI guy. He's a wonderful guy, very personable, very thorough and has a wonderful way with patients. I'm so happy to have three excellent doctors now!

My docs started me on Norvasc for hypertension a few weeks ago after watching my BP for months. So far I'm not seeing a huge change in the pressures I'm getting at home so they might need to go up a bit next visit, but we'll see.

This Friday I have a consultation with a local hypnotherapist to inquire about treatment for my eating disorder/food phobias. I'm hopeful that it will be something I can do but we'll have to see. I'm a terrible control freak and am not sure if a stranger will be able to hypnotize me. Of course, the cost will also be a factor so I'll have to see about that too.

I am now officially 43... having passed that milestone last week on June 28.

And that's about it... now we're all up to date.