Tucson Day of Decision Rally

(Tucson, AZ) Rainbow Foot Soldiers in coordination with local activists and supporters of Marriage Equality will gather at Catalina Park in downtown Tucson, AZ on May 26, 2009 for a rally in response to the California Supreme Court decision on the validity of Proposition 8.

The California case will directly impact many couples here in Tucson who were married in California and whose marriages hang in the balance. The decision will be announced at 10am on Tuesday morning and the rally will go forward at 6:30pm with plans for a human billboard along Speedway Boulevard.

“Being 'next door' to California, many of our friends were married before Proposition 8 passed in November. They have gone about their lives as any other married people, continuing to work toward the day when a marriage in any state will be legal in every state. Yet, after November, they have been in limbo. Will the state and religious groups force them to divorce against their wills or will this be a day of celebration when the court reaffirms the right of all to love and create a family?” said Buck Bannister of Rainbow Foot Soldiers.

"For our families, this isn’t about politics, this is personal," said Pamela Brown, Marriage Equality USA Policy Director. "Being told that marriage is not an option for you is an absolutely devastating verdict to receive, after all Romeo and Juliet ended their lives upon hearing such news and they weren’t subject to a popular vote on whether or not they could marry. Our kids are confused and don’t understand why people would do this to their families. They are subjected to school yard bullies and taunts that their parents can’t or are not really married. For years, our families have been living on an extremely emotional roller coaster. We've been used as a wedge in Presidential elections, we've been given a window of six months to pop the question and plan a wedding, and we've had a mere majority of Californians vote to take away our fundamental rights. Recognizing the strain our community has been under, win or lose, Marriage Equality USA has helped organize a series of community gatherings across the state for all Californians supportive of the freedom to marry to come together on the Day of Decision."

Speakers will be on hand with information about the impact of the decision as well as local couples who will share their thoughts about this momentous case.