Robin Weisz - Numbskull Extraordinaire

Here's a quote from Rep. Robin Weisz of North Dakota rationalizing why an anti-discrimination bill would be just horrible:

Weisz said sexual orientation was “a behavior, a lifestyle choice” that did not merit anti-discrimination protection in state law.

The legislation may force North Dakotans who oppose homosexuality to accept it, he said. An employer, for example, who disapproves of homosexuality would not be allowed to talk about his opinions in the workplace because it might create a hostile environment for gay and lesbian employees, he said.

“If this bill passes, I can still preach about (opposition to) divorce and living together, but I would no longer be able to have an opinion in my own place of business on whether homosexuality was a proper or improper lifestyle,” Weisz said. “Their rights have now superseded my rights.”

Is that not the biggest pile of stinking horse shit rationalization you've ever heard? If he can't discriminate against LGBT people and badmouth them (I assume "Fag" is probably one of his favorite words) then he just can't be happy.

I love the way that these guys get so worried about someone else's rights "superseding" their right to be an asshole. It's sort of like someone complaining to the cops that they are "superseding" their right to get shit-faced run down the street at 3 in the morning screaming obscenities.

What about the right of the people in the workplace to be free to work in an environment that is not filled to the brim with assholes? Maybe it's not just the LGBT folks who find Mr. Weisz to be a big ol' blivet but straight people who don't want to hear that kind of holier-than-thou moralizing.

Here's an idea Mr. Weisz the next time you feel the need to state your opinion on something please keep in mind who's right to peace and quiet you're superseding by opening your big mouth.

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