More Bad News in Jag Capture and Death

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The bad news keeps coming for the folks at Arizona Game and Fish (AKA locally as Arizona Maim and Squish).

It appears that tissue samples sent to UA show Macho B was not in chronic kidney failure but it was an acute episode and his kidneys were healthy. This means had AZ Game and Fish not killed the animal, he may have survived with proper care.

Macho B was very old for a wild animal, but when he was captured on Feb. 18, Game & Fish described him as "thick and solid."

They went on to add that "field biologists' assessment shows the cat appeared to be healthy and hardy."

But 12 days later, he was said to have "off-the-charts kidney failure."

After Macho B's death, some of his tissues were sent to the University of Arizona's veterinary diagnostics laboratory.

One of the pathologists there, Dr. Sharon Dial, said Macho B's kidneys were not in chronic failure. They were, in fact, fairly healthy.

She contended that Macho B may have been put down too soon. Arizona Game & Fish pilloried her. Her comments, the department said in a statement, were "outrageous, unprofessional and speculative."

Dial regretted that she may have put her lab in a "difficult position." But she is not backing down from her assertions. (Source)

So, now it appears that these folks lied about their intentions to capture the animal, mistreated the animal during the capture, and then euthanized the animal instead of rendering it proper care and returning it to the wild.

The US Fish and Wildlife service has opened a criminal investigation of those from AZ Game and Fish involved in this horrific incident.

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