Why Do Politicians Act Brain Damaged?

Here's a quote from our new President: "We need to do more to make sure that illegal guns and cash aren't flowing back to the cartels. That's part of what is financing their operations. That's part of what is arming them."

He's talking about the violence in Mexico related to drug cartels that sometimes spills over into our border towns.

Hmmm, how could we make sure that cash and guns aren't flowing across the border? Could we do what Mrs. Clinton has pledged and send multi-million dollar military equipment to militarize the Mexican police as we've done with ours?

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Should we get the Mexican police hooked on the crack that is "Drug War" money? Will that make things safer?

Not a bit. We've spent trillions over the past 30 years fighting a "drug war" and all we've managed to do is make it worse. We've got our cops hooked on military weapons and tactics. We've got our courts and local governments hooked on the easy drug of "seized assets" to underwrite their budgets and police departments increased love of high tech, high kill rate weaponry.

Have we stemmed the flow of drugs? Not one iota. Mrs. Clinton even calls it an "insatiable need." Well Hillary if it's "insatiable" then you'd better figure out how the hell to deal with it in a manner other than expecting to either legislate it away or jail it away.

Of course, I guess Hillary has as much trouble with the definition of insatiable as her husband has with the definition of sex. Because her next statement talks about increasing penalties and reducing domestic drug consumption.

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Here's a novel idea Hillary, Barack, and Janet... don't act like the three stooges on this. For once in the history of the "Drug War" think like you're not stoned yourselves.

Want to know how to cut off the Mexican cartels at their knees? It's damn simple. Most of their volume comes from Marijuana. (Just check our local paper since Nogales is one of the major points of entry for illegal drugs.) Marijuana is an innocuous drug that is actually safer than alcohol and tobacco. So, want to cut off the money? LEGALIZE MARIJUANA in the United States and regulate the industry just like we do alcohol and tobacco. Let folks here grow it and you can then collect taxes on the legal sale just like you do on alcohol and tobacco.

Here are the benefits:

  1. Not locking up non-violent mellow potheads will save you loads of money in the prison system. Sure the private gulags we run these days love them because they're no trouble. But they're supposed to be paid to keep us safe from, oh - rapists and murderers... not Cheech and Chong or Seth Rogan. K?
  2. Dropping the whole "drug war" uber-macho police shit will save lots of money. We have police departments with tanks... yes, tanks. They are armed better than our troops in Baghdad for the most part and it's all because they're scared of people getting mellow in their living room. The tales of "violence" are greatly exaggerated for media and money purposes.
  3. Taxes mean money... we're saving money and then we're actually making money with new taxes. I know you have trouble with the whole finance thing sometimes, but puzzle it out for a minute. You're saving money on one hand and making it on the other. That means a positive cash flow from the enterprise. That's money you can use to fix the freakin' economy.
  4. Jobs... if we stop importing from illegal cartels and start letting companies and co-ops provide legal marijuana here they will need people to work in the businesses. They'll need people to harvest the crops, package the product and retail the product. Those people will be... guess what, Hillary? Yes, they will be paying income taxes on their wages. They will also be paying social security taxes as well. That means less people on Unemployment and more people contributing to the economy.
  5. Without the stupid DEA ban on Hemp (a relative of Marijuana) we can also have a whole separate industry creating hemp products from clothing to even a new building material that is superior to fiberglass insulation! And they'll have jobs and be paying taxes.
  6. Legal retail outlets for marijuana or the ability for private citizens to grow a small number of personal plants means that our drug gangs will dry up too. No more dealers on the corner. They'll have to get legitimate jobs in the industry or find another line of work. Why would people buy from an illegal dealer and risk arrest when they can buy from a retail store perfectly legally? Do you see street corner illegal alcohol dealers or tobacconists? Nope.
  7. It'll keep us all sane when we have all had enough of Washington craziness. Hell, maybe if we toked up first some of the crap the Republicans say might even not make us throw up.
So there you have it. Stop acting brain damaged and see what's right in front of your faces. Just because Reagan got bent over pot does not mean we need to keep on with his stupidity. We almost legalized it in 1976 and if we'd done it then we might not have the problems we do now. Stop blaming everyone else and look at yourselves first.

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