But Will You Make Him Wear Pink Panties?

Uh oh, looks like Sheriff Joe Arpaio is finally getting the kind of attention he really deserves. Instead of adoring masses of neo-nazi xenophobes, he's got the attention of Congress and the Justice Department.

This just in:
At a news conference earlier today, we learned that House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers and three subcommittee chairs will be holding Congressional hearings on Sheriff Arpaio's abuses. And, last night the US Department of Justice announced a major new investigation into Arpaio's discriminatory practices!

There's one more person who needs to weigh-in: Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who oversees Arpaio's 287g agreement that allows him to enforce Federal immigration laws.
Janet Napolitano on a trip to IraqImage via Wikipedia
The next step is to get Janet Napolitano, who is intimately familiar with Joe's shenanigans as former Governor of Arizona to pull his 287g agreement and force him to stop acting like he's an arm of the INS and ICE. You can let Janet know it's time for her to step up to the plate and put an end to this craziness in her home state.

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