Arizona Republican Budget Ideas

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I'm so NOT kidding. These are some of the ideas the Republicans in Arizona are putting forward to close the huge budget gap. As you will see from this list there is no doubt that ANYONE calling themselves Republican whether on the national stage, state stage, or local stage must be a complete and utter moron.

Folks, watch Arizona closely, you are about to see what would have happened if Democrats hadn't taken Congress and the White House. With Brewer as Governor and a legislature controlled by some of the biggest idiots in the nation... this state is going down in flames very quickly.

And now... how Republicans are planning to fix the budget crisis in Arizona (notice that they don't mention fixing property tax loopholes or other revenue generating ideas):

Here is a short sampling on the Republican document (take a deep breath):
  • Cities - take anything we can
  • Shift parks to cities and counties
  • Move prisons to Mexico
  • Scrap All Day K
  • Uncover K-12 teachers temporarily so districts can hire/fire who they want
  • Suspend mandated bus service to transport students
  • Reduce Medicaid: Cap the number of visits for routine care
  • Privatize Mental Hospital
  • Eliminate Homeland Security
  • Count entire household income for benefits>run MVD/tax reporting/voter reg address against welfare roles to determine household income and catch live-in fathers who are not married to mothers

The list was created by Sen. Pamela Gorman - some of which she states were originally jotted down on gum wrappers and sticky notes. []

The "working document" doesn't list anywhere how any of these ideas would help our state in the future or how much each item would save the state. (complete list)
If you look closely you'll notice a rather macabre theme. First, they want to do away with public education for young children. Then fire the teachers. Then make sure that students can't get to school by stopping the buses. Then, to make sure none of these poor kids complains they intend to cut off healthcare and social services to them in the hopes they'll die.

Yes, the Republican final solution... hope all those pesky poor people die. If they won't die then lock them up in Mexican prisons.

So, folks, this is what the whole country will look like if someone doesn't sit the new "Moderate Democrat Caucus" (read Republican Lite) down and give them a damn good talking to. Republicans have no clue anymore how to run a government. They have all gone completely and utterly nuts.

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