Sen. Ken Cheuvront's Misguided Support

From Marriage Equality - AZ: has updated their site with exciting new content! There is a new page called "The People's Voice" which is headlined with a supportive message from Ken Cheuvront. Notice his quote says SOME of the same rights. It is very possible that Sen. Cheuvront, being from a largely LGBT district feels that his constituents want him to support this initiative. Please let him know how you feel. Below is the text from the website, followed by his office contact information. Please let him know how you feel about this initiative, and why. If you would like, you can cc your emails to

Senator. Ken Cheuvront, D-Phoenix, who met with the Arizona Civil Partnership leaders a few days ago, said civil partnerships would ensure gay couples hospital-visitation rights, inheritance rights and other rights without addressing the issue of marriage.

"What they're trying to do is put an initiative on board that would give people who are not married and who are in a committed relationships some of the same rights and responsibilities," said Cheuvront, who is gay.

-Senator Ken Cheuvront, D-Phoenix

Senator Ken Cheuvront contact information:
Phone: 602-542-5895

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