Opportunist Queens

As we were sitting at lunch yesterday discussing the unexpected outcomes of events at the courthouse, the conversation turned to the big money LGBT groups. I was bitching as usual about how they seem to only want money but not to actually want to do anything. Instead they always caution "patience" and "civility" and "compromise."

Denise made a stunning comment when she noted that these groups exist only so long as we do not have equality. If we are ever given full and equal civil rights they have no purpose. As she put it, there's far too much money and prestige involved in inequality. If tomorrow we got equal civil rights they would all be out of work and out of funds.

That's a true statement, I think. Indeed even in the blogging world those bloggers who make a fair amount of money playing up the inequality stories are often less than thrilled when strides are made.

Consider the comments and commentary from some of the biggies like Box Turtle Bulletin.

Almost all the comments there about Sheri and Theresa and indeed everyone's involvement in the events yesterday have been catty and bitchy. Many call any sort of action like this "stupid" and others claim that while being "no legal expert" that the opinion of family lawyers "won't go very far in court."

Gee whiz guys, why not? Let's see she has infinitely more experience in Arizona law than some guy sitting on his ass at home. She has an advanced degree while you have a PC or Mac and Wikipedia. That good enough for you?

Or maybe the fact that the argument is strong enough for the ACLU and Lambda Legal to take it up as well? How's that?

The level of pure ignorance and opposition to anything that moves us forward amazes me at times. I suppose though, that like the big bloated fundraising organizations if we manage equal rights then their lives and money will dry up. If that's all you have going for you, then the day after full equality your life becomes empty and that revenue stream from "Advertise Liberally" dries up along with your traffic.

Well, now I know where these guys stand and I know that they're disingenous when they claim to be for equality for LGBT people. They're really not. They have their own agenda which is to claim to be in favor of equality but try to prolong this fight as long as humanly possible.

As for me... I don't make crap blogging. I could happily go back to talking about just anything that pops into my head if we were to finally get full and equal civil rights. Guess that's what makes me different from opportunist queens.
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