Have Hope: Love Will Prevail!

Crossposted from Rainbowfootsoldiers.com:

Let’s face it. The reason the Christian Right tries so hard to strip LGBT couples of rights has nothing to do with “protecting” marriage as an “institution.” If they had ever cared for marriage as an institution they would not have a 50%+ divorce rate. If they were worried about the sanctity of marriage they would not allow children to marry while drunk at chapels in Vegas.

KissImage by Ko:(char *)hook via Flickr
No, the whole point of opposing our equal access to legal marriage is that they somehow think that by continually making us second class without rights that they can convince us all to “go straight” and abandon our sexual orientation and take up theirs.

They accuse us of recruiting but they continually try to convert people by force. They use our own government against us.

In California on March 5, the Supreme Court will take up the issue of whether Ken Starr, in the pay of the Mormon church and their allies at Saddleback Church and others should be allowed to divorce tens of thousands of legally married people in the state.

The Religious Right thinks this will show all us Gay people who's in charge and thereby they will be able to destroy our relationships and our love. They think that by arguing that they have the right to vote on the emotional and legal attachments of others that they can assert their superiority and seeing the error of our ways we will all suddenly abandon our own orientations and join them in heterosexual relationship statistically doomed to failure over half the time.

But, no matter what they do. No matter how many anti-marriage laws the pass. No matter how many Kenneth Starrs dishonestly argue their cases in court, they cannot destroy love. We will go on. We will continue to love one another. We will always fight them in the legislatures, in the streets, and in the courts. We will continue to stand for the transcendence of love while they fall behind the march of history and the evolution of the human soul.

We will prevail. The road may be long. The battles may be many and we may not win them all, indeed we may not win most. But, in the end, we will prevail. Love will go on. Love will always conquer fear and superstition!