FexEx Kinko's Says "No" To Gay Married Couples

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FedEx Kinko's holds themselves out as a "great place to work" they point proudly to their policy of "non-discrimination" in employment based on sexual orientation. But is it all talk or just window dressing?

When FedEx acquired Kinko's, the copy story, in 2004 Kinko's provided same sex partner benefits. FedEx quickly cut off those benefits for all its newly purchased divisions.

Recently, they were questioned about denying equal benefits to legally married couples in Massachusetts. FedEx/Kinko's responded with the following statement to a gay married employee:
We have a federally regulated health insurance plan and since the federal government defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman we are free to ignore your marriage in the provision of employee benefits.
So, they feel free to "ignore" their LGBT married couples and deny them benefits. Remember, DOMA does not require that they do this, FedEx Kinko's has simply decided that those employees are not equal nor as valuable as their straight employees.

I have used FedEx Kinko's almost exclusively for my copying and report binding needs for quite awhile. However, with this news, I have sent them a note through their customer comment form letting them know that I will no longer be using their services until they provide full benefits to legally married LGBT couples.

Likewise, I will inform any online companies I do business with that I will not buy their products if they do not offer shipping other than FedEx.

They are a major player they must find out they can't just tout "equality" in their literature while actively discriminating in fact and deed.

Time to boycott FedEx/Kinko's. (More at Queers United.)

Update 2/2/09:

I received the following response from FedEx/Kinko's after sending them a customer comment. As you will see, they don't even care enough about their LGBT customers to provide an appropriate response addressing the need. Their "representatives" just choose an "auto response" from their list and send it out, even if it's not applicable to the question. No response would be better than this kind of contempt for their gay customers and employees:
Dear Buck:

Thank you for your comments. We greatly appreciate that you have taken the time to write and share your concerns. This allows us a valuable opportunity to examine and correct possible deficiencies that cause customer dissatisfaction.

I deeply regret that the service you received has failed to meet your expectations of excellence. FedEx is genuinely concerned with providing the highest quality service possible.

I hope you will continue to allow us the opportunity to handle your global shipping needs. We look forward to serving you more satisfactorily.

Joanna A.
FedEx Customer Service
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