The Epitome of Self Hate

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Recently, I posted about an event going off in Phoenix where LGBT people were told to make sure they didn't wear anything identifying them as gay or to self-identify.

Now, the event is supposed to be a coming together of "diverse" communities to promote peace and pray for togetherness and tolerance.

Already you can see the irony of all that.

However, there were those in the community who saw nothing wrong with asking LGBT people to hide from the upstanding religious people who might show up. When the question was brought up on Facebook this is one response from a particularly vocal advocate for hiding:

Note that what *we* think about the stuff is irrelevant to the issue.

Its what others will think that counts in this case.

Will you be tolerant when called names because of wearing such? Or will you be challenging them, and angering them, and ruining the purpose behind this event?

It matters.
Isn't that an interesting statement? Doesn't it speak volumes about the damage done to some people by their desire to "fit in" with the same religions who abuse them regularly?

This poor woman feels that if right wing Christians attack people for simply being present and participating solemnly in an event devoted to peace and tolerance that it would be the fault of the people attacked that the event was ruined. It would not be the fault of the people who verbally or physically attacked a peaceful person, it would be the victim's fault for daring to even exist in the same public space.

Could self-hate be more clearly illustrated than in that one short comment?

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