You Save So Much!

This has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with all the insurance advertising by "online" and "discount" companies out there.

eSurance claims to have great rates and be eco-friendly. So, I thought I'd give them a shot and see just how much they can save us over State Farm.

Above, you'll see their quote. It's about 2.5x more than what we pay for State Farm and that coverage includes Renter's Insurance as well. Plus, emergency road service, rental car, towing, etc. None of which the huge premium for eSurance includes.

Just saying... must be a cost to be so "eco-friendly" or something. Guess we'll be staying with one of those old-school companies who can provide a LOT more for a lot LESS.

Although, I have to say I was pleased they list "Domestic Partner" as a choice under marital status. But, no indication if they actually use the same actuarial tables that discount insurance for married folks or still use ones that consider us single.