W's 10 Worst LGBT Moments

President Bush presents the Presidential Medal...Image via WikipediaThe folks over at Change.org's Gay Rights Blog count down the 10 worst LGBT missteps of the Bush Administration (full details):

  1. Getting marriage amendments on the ballots as a tool to get out the right wing vote.
  2. Using DADT, to undermine its own war effort by discharging over 6000 service members for being gay including highly placed and coveted Arabic translators.
  3. Hiring Regent University law school graduates despite it being among the worst schools in the nation and for teaching its graduates the most inane and fatuous arguments to use against LGBT rights.
  4. Opposing the UN resolution calling for decriminalization of homosexuality. Instead Bush sided with some of the worst dictatorships in the world (the only western country to do so) and said of killing gays: "That's a good thing."
  5. Cheney's fake disgust over the "outing" of his daughter. Pretending that someone mentioning your already out daughter is a lesbian is a personal affront indicates that actually having an out lesbian daughter is something to feel shame about. Lesson learned, Dick?
  6. Abstinence only education or more appropriately "Cross your legs and don't think evil homo thoughts." This failed policy has seen STD rates skyrocket and has further stigmatized LGBT youth who are told that homosexual acts are biologically wrong. Meanwhie, straight teens are engaging in anal and oral sex at unheard of rates because they think it's safe as long as they don't go vaginal.
  7. Bush's 2005 and 2006 State of the Union addresses where he threatened a Constitutional Amendment to ban same sex marriage and equated being a crooked politician to supporting equal marriage rights.
  8. Adding to the questionalbe "Medal of Freedom" recipients (also known as the Bush Administration Parting Gift and Booby Prize), Bush presented one to Pope John Paul II who certainly was no friend to LGBT people. Although compared to the Pope "I was a teenage Nazi" Benedict he seems like a peach of a guy. But JPII had his moments including launching a worldwide campaign against civil rights for LGBT people and harboring those pesky pedophile priests in his church while denouncing decent LGBT people as sick.
  9. Legitimizing hate radio. Instead of distancing itself from the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, and Savage who have gone so far as to promote violence against LGBT people on their shows, the Bushies rewarded these villains with interviews and accolades.
  10. Opposition to Hate Crimes legislation. Bush threatened to veto the Matthew Shepard Act thus killing its chances of passing Congress despite the fact there were enough votes to do so.

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