We Get the Office Manager!

I know I'm getting much too cynical in my old age when I should be happy about the appointment of an openly gay man to a position with the Obama administration but can't help but feel a little slighted.

Barack Obama announced that Bradley J. Kiley will be his Director of the Office of Management and Administration. You could actually say that Kiley will be running the White House, as the Office handles the nuts and bolts of the administration such as "financial management and information technology support, human resources management, library and research assistance, facilities management, procurement, printing and graphics support, security, and mail and messenger operations."

Yes, I am very happy for Mr. Kiley who served as the Deputy Director for Clinton in this capacity. Yet, at the same time, I can't help but feel a little let down that no openly LGBT person managed to secure at least a Cabinet post or even one involving policy input.

The glorified Office Manager job just seems to be another crumb meant to make us feel better about all the other stuff going on like Rick Warren, Tim Kaine and Obama's embrace of the Office of Faith Based Initiatives. The only way it could have been worse would have been if the Obama team had announced our guy would be the official florist or hair dresser.

Oh well, at least it's something. Better take note now because we won't hear about Kiley again for the duration unless we make noise and they need to trot him out to prove how progressive and open minded they are.

So, congratulations Bradley Kiley, do us proud!

N.B. - There are rumors that Obama has selected Nancy Sutley to head the White House Council on Environmental Quality. This position coordinates adherence to environmental policies for various government agencies. Sutley, a deputy mayor for Los Angeles is a lesbian. However, to my knowledge this appointment has not been made publicly although the rumors began in early December.

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