Vamping in Print

Former President Nixon visits then-President R...Image via WikipediaThere's an old device in musical theatre called "the vamp" which means the orchestra playing a musical introduction in extended format because someone missed their cue or something that was supposed to happen on stage didn't.

Today, in the Tucson Citizen, columnist Anne Denogean did some vamping in print. Her article rehashes experiences of a Tucson couple who have been inaugural party organizers for the Republicans since the era of Nixon.

Honestly, I wasn't sure what to make of her piece. Was it something she'd put together long ago when people were predicting McCain actually had a chance? Did she get caught off guard this week with one of the biggest events of the past 200 years with no local connection to go all "Prairie Home Companion" over?

Whatever the reason, Denogean brought us the story of Ron and Anne Walker and their fond memories of inaugurations of Republicans past. The couple waxed nostaligic over such topics as the cancellation of the Reagan inaugural parade due to cold weather and their fond friendship with Dick Cheney and how history will be kind to his legacy because he's a swell guy.

It would be terribly easy to be snarky about the Walkers and their associations with some of the worst political crooks in American history (beginning with none other than Richard Nixon) but they were refreshingly gracious in their assessment of Barack Obama:

Despite their solid GOP credentials, the Walkers are taking the transition to Democratic rule after eight years of a Republican administration with complete sang-froid.

"The Republican party made some huge mistakes," Walker said. "They shot themselves in the foot and then they reloaded and shot themselves in the foot again. Their time was due."

Anne Walker said she hopes the country rallies around Obama and supports him in every possible way.

Ron Walker said he'll have nothing but good feelings for the new president while watching the inauguration.

"I will be sitting in my home here in Tucson, wishing him well and Godspeed and hoping it's a beautiful day," he said.

So, we'll wish Anne and Ron well and hope they also enjoy a nice day Inauguration day up in Oro Valley.
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