Theopolitical Maneuvering

Divide : Because We Can't Live Without ViolenceImage by monsieurlam via FlickrAn excellent article from The Progressive Puppy:

Whether or not Obama is successful in passing hate-crimes legislation (and I'm sure that won't be a priority), the fact remains that by embracing intolerant Christians like Rick Warren, our new president is legitimizing their message of hate. You simply can't compare LGBT Americans to pedophiles - the most reviled class of human beings - and not expect hate crimes to follow.

The FBI reports that violence against gays and lesbians increased significantly last year, even though hate crimes aimed at other minorities dropped by 1 percent. Despite this sobering fact, evangelical pastors who profess to "love the sinner, hate the sin" remain blind to the trails of blood that lead directly to their own pulpits. And now Obama's vision seems clouded as well. America won't see a decrease in ant-gay violence until religious leaders start preaching against the bigotry that causes it.

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