Sen. Kennedy Ill at Luncheon

{{w|Ted Kennedy}}, Senator from Massachusetts.Image via WikipediaMSNBC is reporting that someone at the Presidential luncheon had a medical emergency but has not named who it was.

Twitter reports indicated it was Sen. Ted Kennedy. It has now been confirmed by CNN and now MSNBC as I write this.

Update: MSNBC reports the Sen. Kennedy had "convulsions" and had to be rushed out on a stretcher by medical staff. It has also been reported the Sen. Byrd was "having trouble eating" and needed attention by medical personnel as well.

Later reports have confirmed that Senator Kennedy is well and should be released from the hospital on Wednesday. His illness was related to exhaustion from the day and his chemotherapy for his brain cancer.

Senator Byrd was not ill as first reported.

We wish Senator Kennedy all the best.

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