Religion is a Culture of Death

Faith Healing Service In Pollokshaws 04.04.08-71Image by chris@APL via FlickrThe Progressive Puppy brings us an enlightening article highlighting yet more hypocrisy on the part of American Christians.

We've all heard the rumor or min-news story about Evangelical Christian parents who allow their children to go without medical care because of warped religious beliefs. I've run into in my time in medicine, mostly among Jehovah's Witnesses.

The folks at ProgPup bring us a litany of cases where children have died as a result of their parents warped ideas of "Faith in God" and highlight for us how religion is the real "Culture of Death" because the same folks who weep and moan over a group of undifferentiated cells stand idly by while parents allow or actively bring about the deaths of their fully functional and aware children through bizarre religious rites or beliefs.

The article begins:
An eleven-year-old Wisconsin girl died of diabetic ketoacidosis resulting from untreated juvenile diabetes. In her final days on earth, Kara Newmann had grown too weak to leave her bed. She was too weak even to talk. Since her parents believe that God alone has the ability to heal the sick, they wouldn't let her see a doctor. Instead, they prayed. And Kara suffered and died from an easily treatable illness.

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