Offensive Cartoonist

The Cartoonist for the Arizona Daily Star has to be one of the most offensive guys around. He echoes the ultra-right philosophy of this daily stuck in the most progressive city in Arizona.

The Star loves him so much they peddle his drivel including his "I traded my inauguration tickets for a moose hunt with Sarah Palin" T-shirt on their site.

Here's his take on LGBT people and others who find religious bigots to be a bad choice for setting the tone. Fitzsimmons takes the same old tack that to dare criticize a "Christian" makes you a bigot and to point out Warren's connection to Conversion Therapy makes you in favor of Concentration Camps for Christians and Republicans.

Take a look and if you think Mr. Fitzsimmons has overstepped the bounds of good taste once too often, let him know by email.

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