Not All Gays are Pedophiles - Just Most of Them...

WASHINGTON - SEPTEMBER 22:  Tony Perkins, pres...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeTony "Psycho" Perkins strikes again by chiming in on the whole Sam Adams schtuping a college guy thing.

Another openly gay politician is snared in a sex scandal with a teen. Portland's first openly gay mayor, Sam Adams --- who just took office earlier this month --- has now acknowledge he lied to cover up a sexual relationship he had with a young man he was "mentoring" in 2005.

This is reminiscent of former Congressman Mark Foley, who was caught hitting on male teens who served as pages on Capitol Hill.

While I know that not every homosexual person preys on youth, it sure seems that many of the sex scandals involving homosexual public figures disproportionately involve young, easily influenced and impressionable teens.

Repeated incidents like these only serve to validate the Boy Scouts policy prohibiting homosexual scout masters. The Boy Scouts have stood their ground despite enormous pressure from homosexual activists and their corporate allies who have cut off donations to the Scouts. These businesses and government agencies that are carrying the water for the homosexuals on this issue should be forced to explain their intolerance of the truth every time there is a case like this.

Look sweetheart, here's the deal. Eighteen is an adult. You get to vote, you get to kill people in the military and all sorts of things. Hell, you even get to have sex with whomever you choose. About the only thing you can't do is have a beer.

So, what's this thing about "preying on youth"? Oh, yeah, it's just more of your batshit crazy propaganda. College aged man = 13 year old Boy Scout in your book. Honestly, Tony, it sort of makes me wonder if you don't have some issues with objectifying children if you can't see a distinction between the two. Hmm... should we be watching for a breaking "scandal" involving Tony Perkins?

As for me? I'd have been thrilled at 18 if a certain 30 year old former teacher had come on to me.

Say it with me class: Hey Tony! STFU!

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