No More Krispy Kreme

How do you make a non-issue an issue? Well, the poor folks at Krispy Kreme managed to do it. Recently I mentioned a wingnut group called the "American Life League" who got their collective panties in a wad because Krispy Kreme was celebrating Obama's inauguration and our freedom by giving away doughnuts for free today in a "Freedom to Choose" promotion.

According to the ALL folks the word "choose" is verboten because it would mean that people might not just choose a doughnut but also an abortion to go along with it instead of coffee.

Anyway, it was a non-issue. Everyone knew what Krispy Kreme meant and had laughed at the nutty group. Then Krispy Kreme in an act worthy of the Darwin Awards took this non-issue and turned it into a real issue by agreeing with the American Life League and changing their promotion!

In other words, Krispy Kreme admitted that the words "Choose" and "choice" are off limits for any type of promotion or public conversation because the wingnuts assume it always means "abortion." Krispy Kreme managed in one stupid act to go from just a great company targeted by a completely psychotic nutjob to one seen as kowtowing to these crazies who bomb clinics and shoot people in head because they are "opposed to a culture of death."

So, guess what? While Krispy Kremes are my favorite doughnut I'll be foregoing their sugary goodness because I'm tired of companies and corporations who think that psychotic housewives and their minions are actually deserving of notice. Hello, Dunkin' Donuts.

Here's Judi Browne's orgasmic rant about her "victory" over Krispy Kreme and the word "choose" in the English language.
Fortunately, for all of us who love those hot, sugary, glazed Krispy Kreme donuts that are particularly yummy when they are warm, we can eat them with a renewed sense of confidence in the wisdom of at least some corporate executives who will not intentionally take an action that overtly or otherwise advances the culture of death!
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