More on Meriano's "Civil Union" Initiative

From John Allard:

As with every issue once it enters the political realm, we are now in a position where decisions will be made based purely on numbers. At this point it is all about the number of signatures, so here are some numbers for you to consider:

230,047: The number of signatures required to put this proposition on the ballot in 2010.

980,753: The number of votes AGAINST Proposition 102. Every one of these votes is a potential signature for the petition. Many of these votes are from allies who believe that we deserve equal marriage rights, and unless we reach out to them and educate them that this is not 'a step in the right direction' they may sign the petition thinking that they are helping the LGBT community. Not even 25% of the people who voted against Prop 102 would need to sign the Civil Union Initiative Petition to put the the issue on the ballot.

1,258,335: The number of votes FOR Proposition 102. These are the voters in Arizona who are motivated to use their vote to ensure a socially conservative agenda is followed, and mandated, in Arizona. These are the people who will be motivated to go to the polls and cast a vote against any candidate they feel would be an ally to the LGBT community if there is an initiative on the ballot which they feel would give our relationships more validation than they deserve, even though in truth the initiative falls well short of providing us with the equality it promises.

?: The number we can not count is how many years it would take the LGBT community to recover from any damage done by the loss of our political allies. We have to support them so that they can support us. Do we really need to do much more than look at what has happened in Arizona since Jan Brewer took over as Governor only one week ago to imagine what we would face as a state, and a community, if we continue to lose political allies?