Melissa, SHUT UP!

I'm not usually one to jump on the "entertainers should stay out of politics" bandwagon. But, I wish to God that Melissa Etheridge would just shut her mouth.

Seems Melissa did a little phone-in interview with NPR and dug her hole deeper still.

When NPR played the tape of Warren comparing our relationships to incest and pedophilia Melissa came back with:
"I don't think he's alone there. I think there's all kinds of people who think that if we let them gays get married it's going to open the door to all kinds of crazy stuff. Just because he thinks that does not mean that I have to not speak to him or I never want to be in his company."
Well, certainly you can talk to him but you don't have tell everyone else we should shut up. You also should maybe point out to him that the junk he says is harmful and even leads to violence and murder. Besides, I don't remember us voting on you to be our mouthpiece to the Religious Right? Or was I busy the day we held the election?

Melissa, just go home and do whatever it is that multi-millionaires with trophy wives do (I have no idea). Please stop talking because you're embarrassing yourself and us.