Liveblogging the Inauguration

9:25 am - Malia and Sasha Obama are being escorted to the stage through the capitol followed by Laura Bush. I can't help but be struck by the fact that this is as close as we come in the United States to any type of royal tradition.

People have packed the Mall so tightly that not a single patch of ground can be seen from the capitol to the Lincoln Memorial.

9:32am - George W. Bush is being escorted to the stage and as he nears the crowd is erupting in boos and people beginning to chant "Na, na, na, hey, hey, goodbye." The band is beginning to play to drown out the shouting. It was so loud that it actually has drowned out Michelle Obama's introduction.

9:35 - VP Cheney is being wheeled through the capitol. A smattering of boos from the crowd. Bush and Cheney are being introduced officially and stepping out onto the stage. The crowd is muffled. Light applause and a roar but it's hard to tell if it's booing or murmuring.

9:36 - Bush continues to meet and greet on the stage as VP Biden is being escorted through the Capitol.

I'm struck by the hypocrisy of MSNBC commentators including Rachel for chastising the crowd for booing after they've spent so much time talking about how evil Bush is on their various shows.

9:38 - Obama is making his way through the Capitol as VP Biden is introduced and steps onto the stage to cheers and a massive sea of waving US flags. President Obama continues through the capital with Sen. Feinstein in the lead.

The crowd is beginning to chant "OBAMA" on the mall.

9:42 - The Democratic Congressional leadership are introduced and enter the stage.

9:42 - who knew we had actual Heralds...

9:43- President Elect Barak Obama is announced and enters the stage.

9:48 - in a bit of Irony it is DiFi who introduces Rick Warren.

Rick Warren manages to throw hypocrisy into his prayer by daring to talk of compassion and dignity for "all people". A commitment to "freedom and justice for all" - this from the architect and chief cheerleader of Prop 8. Yeah, Warren you need some forgiveness. Oh dear Lord, he keeps going on about "justice". Yeah Ricko, you will stand accountable one day and unless you stop being a hypocritical bigot your account will be short.

Aretha Franklin is introduced to sing "My Country 'tis of Thee."

People are already weeping openly on the Mall.

Justice Stevens is introduced to administer to the Oath to VP Biden.

The Dream Quartet perform. Classical Music simply reaches heights in a few short notes that pop music and performers can only dream of reaching in a lifetime. This is gorgeous and soothing music that feels like a spiritual cleansing. The Air moves into an interpretation of the Shaker Hymn, "Simple Gifts". The almost discordant interpretation of the song comes back to a beautiful and soothing harmony that seems to symbolize the beauty of our diversity and the incredible majesty of our shared dreams. Absolutely gorgeous performance!

Chief Justice Roberts is introduced to administer the Oath to President Obama. The crowd erupts in cheers.

CJ ROberts messed up the Oath and President Obama waited on him to correct himself before repeating the incorrect wording.

Hail to the Chief is played and the artillery salute is fired. People are cheering and weeping. We have a NEW PRESIDENT!