Joe's Shock Troops

Why is that man wearing a ski mask reminiscent of Taliban terrorists? Is he robbing a bank? Why is he scared to be identified? What crime is he committing?

Actually, he's a police officer and part of Maricopa County Arizona's arpartheid shock troops headed by Joe Arapaio. Yes, Joe has a new TV show and has stepped up his raids against the "brownskins" to whiten up Arizona or at least his little corner of it.

From the Sanctuary: Welcome to today's episode of the "Sheriff Joe Apartheid Show" courtesy of Dennis Gilman at Humanleague002.

In today's episode we see more footage from the 1/09/09, 1/10/09 Buckeye "crime-suppression" sweep by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

The sweep utilized nearly 200 deputies and "volunteer posse" members, many clad in black ski masks and carrying assault rifles, who were ordered to look for any and all violations of the law, including traffic violations.

After two days, Sheriff Arpaio managed to net 14 suspected undocumented immigrants on minor traffic violations in an area he had characterized as a "hotbed of human smuggling traffic."

As we celebrate MLK Day and Obama's inauguration, let us turn an eye to Maricopa County and Phoenix Arizona (America's 5th largest city) and their attempts to drag us all back into the past by putting Arpaio and his storm troopers in charge and allowing them to run riot over the Civil Rights of anyone darker than a an ecru handbag.

Probably as worrying as anything is Arapaio's "volunteer posse" of vigilantes and white supremacists armed to the teeth and untrained. Hello, Washington, D.C. can someone please take a long hard look at what's happening in Arizona?

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