If You Like Pina Coladas...

Of course, New Year's Eve happens to be our anniversary so this year we decided to have dinner at a Mexican restaurant Michael had found out about at work.

Macayo's Mexican Kitchen, located at 7360 N. Oracle Road, features Mexican cuisine in a charming setting. We began our meal with drinks. Michael chose the Margarita made with Cuervo Silver Tequila and I opted for a Pina Colada. Both drinks were generous and wonderfully prepared. My colada balanced the taste of alcohol with coconut and juices beautifully with no single taste overpowering the drink. Truly, it reminds me why it's great to be in a "free pour" state. Michael's margarita arrived in a lovely snifter which on his second refill he opted to trade in for one of their souvenir Margarita glasses. Our drinks were served with a large bowl of tortilla chips and salsa.

Our meal consisted of their Grande Chimi Dinner featuring chicken chimichangas, covered with zesty relleno sauce. Served with rice, refried beans, sour cream and quacamole. The portions were more than generous.

After the meal we opted to try one of their desserts. Unlike many Mexican restaurants where your choices are usually limited to a sopapilla or fried ice cream, Macayo's presents you with some interesting choices beyond those old stand-bys. You can opt for flan, mini-dessert chimis with ice cream, enchiladas dulce, traditional ice cream, or a sampler platter.

Macayo's MugImage by jessebucksc via FlickrWe opted for the Mini-Dessert Chimis. Mini, here, being a misnomer. The choice between chocolate filled and apple filled was tough but we opted for decadent chocolate. Our dessert arrived in a huge tortilla bowl with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream in the center drizzled with fudge sauce and topped with a cherry. Four of the mini-chimis surrounded the outside. At first bite the melted chocolate provides a wonderful taste treat mixed with the warm and sweet tortilla in which it is wrapped. The generous dessert was enough to make a meal on in itself.

The service was outstanding and prompt. We were seated immediately despite the restaurant being nearly full when we arrived a bit after 7pm.

I'd recommend Macayo's del Norte to anyone. I can't speak to the other locations since this is my first trip, but if their food and service is consistent with this location you won't go wrong.
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