God and the Democrats

Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia.Image via WikipediaMaybe someone out there can explain to me what's happening with Democrats. The party managed to win an election by a landslide running on progressive ideas and steering a clear path away from the "Center-Right" ideas of the past.

Then, immediately after the election the Barack Obama and the DNC are tripping over each other trying to see who can get furthest to the right before the Inauguration.

First, we have Obama keeping on some of Bush's tainted staff and then inviting Rick Warren and his anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-choice self to set the spiritual tone at the inauguration. He explains it all away because Warren is a "friend."

Now word leaks out the the next chair of the Democratic National Committee will be none other than Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia. In case, you aren't familiar with Governor Kaine, he's a rather conservative Catholic who is anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-science, and basically an Elephant in a Donkey suit.

Yes, Governor Kaine not only is opposed to a woman's right to choose but he's also opposed not only to gay marriage but also civil unions or any other protections for LGBT people.

Now, we will see the DNC move more sharply to the right abandoning the people who got Barack Obama elected in that age old and always failing strategy to pander to the nebulous "center-right" majority that never seems to actually exist.

We can be sure that instead of scaling back the "faith based initiative" boondoggle that Kaine will heartily endorse this free access to taxpayer money by churches to promote their own religious agendas. As another "close friend" of Barack Obama we can also expect that we won't see the Obama administration move to cut off the source of government cash for churches to make up what isn't in the collection plate on Sunday.

Gladkov writes on Kos: "So, um, for all who said we should wait and see what Obama actually DOES instead of relying on that silly symbolism of Rick Warren, what about a DNC Chair who opposes even civil unions, who will be reinforcing this in his policy arguments? Think we have a right to be outraged now?"

Or as the good folks at The Progressive Puppy said: "does our new president have any friends who aren't homophobic and anti-choice?"

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