Gino Meriano Actively Discourages Full Marriage Equality!

If there were any doubts that Gino Meriano is in this for self promotion and is carrying along a starry eyed wannabe leader named Philip Cotton with him, you need look no further than this document on his Pink Weddings website.

Meriano trumpets that people should vote "No" for full equality while voting "Yes" for enshrining second class status for LGBT people!

From the website
Philip Cotton Founder of UnifiedVoice says “I’m not someone that promotes same-sex marriage, but I do believe in Civil Partnerships. I don’t think this should inhibit your core beliefs about what marriage is. I think that most Americans’ marriage and faith are strong enough to afford every American these basic civil rights.”
Meriano, completely ignorant of American law and Cotton leading a non-existent "group," continue with their assault on the ability of LGBT people to be afforded equal rights by falsely claiming that a "private contract" they package as a "Civil Partnership" will have any effect in actual law or legal dealings with government agencies, private business, or even long standing common law and probate matters. As any LGBT couple can tell you these "contracts" already exist and often are overturned when litigated in court against blood relatives or powerful corporations and special interests.
Gino Meriano, Founder of the Pink Weddings™ Group and gay rights campaigner for samesex couples says “A Civil Partnership is a legally binding contract between two people and one that should not be taken lightly. This allows our community the same rights as oppositesex couples without the need for us to call it a marriage”.
Who does this clueless duo cite as their final authority on how we should act here in the United States? Non other than another British Citizen, Elton John, who stated in 2005 that he was perfectly happy with a "Civil Partnership" in the UK. Yes, the same Elton John who couldn't figure out his own orientation for decades and whose knowledge of law is only slightly superior than a second grader's.

There is no doubt that Civil Partnerships work well in European nations with far different laws than ours as well as far different structures to their government agencies. However, what works in England will not work in the USA as every legal expert has stated and every major study has shown.

Friends of the community? Absolutely not! Tools of the right wing? Looks that way. These two men who fail to listen to reason and expertise must be made pariahs in the LGBT community before they destroy every bit of progress we have made by urging both our own members and our allies to vote against full rights and settle for second class status!

Please respond with your opposition to this demented campaign to vote "no" on full equality by commenting on blogs who have not discovered their calumny and responding to press coverage with the facts of what they are up to in our wonderful state!

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