Daily KosImage via WikipediaI was just reading a glowing review of Milk over at Daily Kos when I ran across the usual summation of how the film relates to recent events. I had to read it twice because at first my mind, based firmly in reality, could not comprehend the viewpoint I was reading.

Here is what "MissLaura" has to say near the ending of her review:
One of Milk's triumphs is the inescapability, whether you watch it with a personal or a political eye, of how far we have come in 30 years. There is, of course, a bittersweet aspect to watching the struggle in the film against the anti-gay Proposition 6 while thinking about Proposition 8. But even there, how far we've come. And watching the file footage of Anita Bryant (who, in an excellent move is never depicted by an actor), I had such an overwhelming sense of the tide of history that has swamped people like her. They may still be fighting hard to keep us all from moving forward, but they've lost. They've lost when the question has shifted from witch hunts to prevent gay people from teaching to an equal right to marry. They've lost when the movies about the era don't need to make noble eunuchs of gay leaders and don't need to caricature Anita Bryant because she herself is caricature enough.

Did you need to read that twice? I want to live in MissLaura's fantasy world! Oh, please, can't I? I want to live in the world where the Anita Bryants have been "swamped" by the "tide of history."

Even my straight friend, Sandy, noted how little the rhetoric has changed in 30 years. She leaned to me while the archival footage of Bryant's hate drivel played and said "They still say that today don't they?"

Yes, they still use the same tactics. Contrary to Miss Laura's fantasy world in most states you can still be fired as a teacher if you are LGBT. In five states you can't even mention gay people in the public schools or if you do you must talk about how evil we are.

There are still no laws to protect LGBT people from workplace discrimination in most areas. If you're lucky enough to live in one that does, count your blessings. We're not covered under the Equal Employment Opportunity Act as are the religious folks who are constantly opposing us. We still are not covered under Federal Hate Crimes statutes nor state statues in most places. And let us not forget that it is only a Supreme Court decision that keeps even the act of making love legal at the moment. All it would take are some committed "Christians" to get a Constitutional Amendment through and we'd all be criminals again. In fact FOF and AFA are very much in favor of doing that.

So, MissLaura seems to have a fantasy land somewhere in which our last battle is for marriage rights. In her fairy land all will be well as soon as we can say "I do."

I'm sorry, but that isn't the way most of the world works. Witch hunts, while rarer are still a possibility. We have Don't Ask Don't Tell which codifies keeping military people in the closet and allows for witch hunts in the military at the whim of officers. We can now, under Bush's "Conscience" rules be denied medical care or medication if someone's "religion" dictates that they not provide us with care.

So, if all those things are taken care of in MissLaura's world and all the bigots have been silenced and run to ground, please tell me where it is, because I want to live there!

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