Exploitation TV

Transgender Pride flagImage via WikipediaPam's House Blend reports that an "Emmy Winning" show is having a casting call for what sounds like the freakiest parts of the LGBT community.
I'm dismayed and discusted by the idea that an "Emmy Award Winning Talk Show" isn't looking for trans people with real experiences to talk to; they're looking for "reality show" trans people they can point to as freaks. Considering how many trans people have trouble finding housing and employment, and how many have been violently killed and listed on the Remembering Our Dead list -- in large part due to the societal stigma associated with being trans -- having this kind of a casting call to search for trans people to exploit and laugh at is absolutely unconscionable.

I couldn't agree with Pam's assessment of the "black souls" of the producers and hosts of whatever piece of post-modern crap this represents.

It would be wonderful if no one came out for this casting call and shut down this show. Of course, if that happened they'd hire actors to play the stereotypes they're after instead. I know for a fact that Jerry Springer does that because a family member who acts was offered a role on the show but turned it down.

Why can't people host a show about the real issues that LGBT people face like discrimination in housing, employment, hospital visitation, taxes, civil rights protections, etc. Why don't they do a show on the LGBT people murdered by straights over the years for just being gay? Why instead of feeding the hatred and homophobia of their audience don't they take a moment to educate these people?

Why? Because they don't even have "black souls" they have no souls. Let's hope this crap goes down as an epic FAIL.
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