DOMA Protest in Phoenix

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Wesley Bolin Plaza (center "Bowl" area)
In front of the Arizona State Capital, Phoenix
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This is not 'another rally about the last election.' This is the first rally in preparation for the 2010 election cycle. We need to be on the offensive. Our opponents have not stopped, they just don't have a ballot measure ready YET!

Please join us as we bring together individuals, couples and families from across the state to Demand Our Marriage Access!

Barack Obama promised during his campaign that he would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). We expect that he will keep this promise, but know that it is not so much a victory as a change in the battle we will be facing.
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Arizona, and every state where restrictions on marriage have been added to the state constitution, will face additional assaults on any legal protections which are currently available for relationships other than marriage. We can not wait for our opponents to formulate their argument against us. We must be visible now, defining and defending our relationships.

Some parking will be available on property, however the public parking lot off Jefferson Avenue will be closed to allow for the placement of portable toilets.

Please help us spread the word! You can use the links below to download fliers.
Color - 8.5x11 (one per sheet)
BW - 4.25x5.5 (four per sheet)

Volunteers will be needed to assist with the set up/tear down of this event. To assist with event set up, please arrive at 11:30am. For more information about this event, volunteer needs, or to volunteer please email us.

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