DOMA Protest Could Get Interesting

Jack / JackImage by ktempest via FlickrJust ran across this from Marriage Equality Arizona on Facebook:
I just got an email from Center for Arizona Policy (everyone can sign up for their email and it is a good way to keep track of them). Asking people to meet them at the Capital Building TOMORROW AT NOON! I do not know if this is in response to the DOMA Repeal Rally, or if they currently have no knowledge of the rally, but they are sure to stick around and give us their opinion when they see the Rally set-up starting.

Please make sure that you are spreading the word about the DOMA Repeal Rally and that the LGBT and allies population is well represented tomorrow.

According to their email, they will be showing up to "pray for those in authority over us." We need to show up to let them know that THEY do not have authority over us, and our voices WILL be heard!

See you there!
Oh yes, I'll be there with my friend Sandy. I'm just sorry Michael has to work and couldn't find someone to fill in for him. Nothing makes those Holy Rollers more uncomfortable than two guys French Kissing in front of them. Oh well. Nothing new here, especially for us South Carolina Queers although Sandy might find it interesting to see them in all their hate filled glory.

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