The Digital Switch

Braun HF 1, Germany, 1959Image via WikipediaOn "Black Friday" I postulated that some of the mania involved the frequent and confusing commercials telling people they had to get converters or new televisions before the February "Digital TV Switch."

Then, this week it was reported that the Federal program providing discount coupons for converter boxes was out of money. In the meantime on local TV there are constant "crawls" about the Digital Switch with dire warnings that you'll be without TV soon.

Here in Tucson, the stations are running Digital TV tests. In these tests they have a news person break into regular programming telling people that they are watching in analog and their TV won't work after the switch next month.

There's just one problem. They can't get the technology right and their "You're watching in analog!" infomercial is showing up on Digital Cable stations. Yes, as I type this their dire warning telling everyone if they can see the commercial they are watching in analog and will lose their signal is playing on Comcast Digital.

If people aren't confused enough already about this then having local broadcasters who can't even get the technology down is only going to make it worse!

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