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Psycho (1960 film)Image via WikipediaHere are today's delicious tidbits from around the Interwebs...

Not all Heterosexuals are Pedophiles, Just Most of Them...

File this under delicious irony. After Tony "Psycho" Perkins decried Sam Adams having a relationship with a legal adult and drawing a parallel between that and gays as pedophiles, news breaks of a Regent University Dean of Law has been convicted of sexually abusing female children.

Yes, THAT Regent University. The one that Falwell started. The same law school that supplied the lion's share of retarded lawyers for the Bush Administration and the various Orwellian "liberty" law firms used by the Ultra Right to oppress LGBT people. That's the one.
Stephen McPherson, a former Regent University law school assistant dean, pleaded guilty Friday in Chesapeake Circuit Court to sexually abusing children.

McPherson, 39, of Chesapeake entered guilty pleas to two counts of forcible sodomy and two counts of object sexual penetration. He is set to be sentenced May 22.

McPherson faces five years to life on each count. Assistant Commonwealth's Attorneys Karen Brown and Minna Sandwich agreed to withdraw nine other felonies against McPherson in return for his pleas.

In the indictment he was accused of assaulting girls between May 2000 and May 2002. The judge has ordered McPherson to "undergo a psychosexual exam."

We regulate Herbal remedy claims but not this nutjob...

RDSC_0460Image by exgaysurvivordan via Flickrichard Cohen a "conversion therapist" who has been kicked out of pretty much every group he's ever been in because of his fake "therapies" and the damage he has wrought to "patients" has taken on the new Lifetime movie "Prayers for Bobby":
"There is no conclusive evidence that anyone's sexual orientation is determined from birth; no one chooses to have SSA; and change is possible. We grieve for Bobby's passing. We grieve for his family's loss. We know that these tragedies can and must be prevented. We have solutions and there is much hope."
It seems strange that we regulate whether a maker of an herbal remedy can claim it cures cancer while this guy is allowed to run around ruining lives by claiming he can cure gay. If he gets to have "freedom of speech" for discredited and catastrophic "therapy" then why don't the makers of an herbal concoction get "freedom of speech" to claim they can cure lymphoma with hibiscus and horseradish? Just saying...

Speaking of "Prayers for Bobby"

Despite being the usual Lifetime channel maudlin drama with the same dramatic arc as every Lifetime movie ever made, "Prayers for Bobby" is worth a watch. The first parts of the movie are pretty dry and predictable but the last act where Mary Griffith seeks to learn what went wrong has a few good tearjerker moments and Sigourney Weaver shines.

Pope "I Was a Teenage Nazi" Benedict Un-excommunicates Nazi Fans...

Pope Benedict XVI during visit to São Paulo, B...Image via WikipediaOh, yeah, Catholics, Ratzi is change you can believe in. With Pope Benedict XVI saying such outrageous things as describing same-sex marriage as an "obstacle on the road to peace," or opposing the decriminalization of homosexuality worldwide - including in countries that carry the death penalty even though the Vatican is itself opposed to the death penalty - it's hard to imagine him surprising us much.

The Pope has lifted the excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church of four bishops appointed by a breakaway archbishop more than 20 years ago. One of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre's appointees, Briton Richard Williamson, outraged Jews by saying the Nazi gas chambers did not exist.

These same guys have also compared homosexuality to corphography. If you don't know what that is, it's literally eating shit. Oh yeah, nice bunch of guys. But I guess Ratzi's youthful indiscretions in being a card carrying Nazi give him some compassion for his fellow political ideologues, especially when they hate us pesky Gays as well as Jews and women. Pam's has the full scoop.

Now they can send iSmiles...

The American Family Association has joined Facebook. I don't even have a joke. Just the AFA and their ilk on Facebook is enough of a joke. Can all us folks belonging to LGBT groups or identifying as gays expect to receive a "You're Diseased but can Change" iSmile invite?

When do we admit churches are actually PAC's?

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - SEPTEMBER 13:  Choir mem...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeMaybe it's time to drop the pretense that churches and "ministries" are anything other than conservative political action committees. The Mormons directly supported Prop 8, the various evangelical churches including Warren's own Saddleback Church provided direct monetary support and logistical support for a political fight. The idea that churches are allowed to influence our political process so directly, that they are allowed to endorse candidates from their pulpits, that they are allowed to use their buildings for poltical organizing and their member's contributions to support candidates is repugnant. That they do all this while skirting tax laws and receiving government funds through the "Faith Based Initiative" is doubly nauseating. My tax dollars are going to churches who use the funds to shift their member contributions that used to be used for such programs to political campaigns designed to strip me of my rights.

Here's "Coral Ridge Ministries" ramping up its membership for political opposition to President Obama. Could it get more political than this?

Coral Ridge Ministries, a Christian media organization, also sent out an e-mail alert over the weekend stating, "Our new president wants to force Americans to accept homosexuality in the workplace and in the military."

"Right now, the President has the political wind at his back. Most in the media and Congress are cheering for him and his agenda to succeed," the ministry added. "That means he most likely will unless men and women of moral conviction and courage stand up and say 'No!'"

Here's my point. If people want to express their opinion, fine. However, it should not be the churches who are sending out emails and letters whipping up people and telling them what they should or must do in order to be good members of the congregation. If their people don't care enough to pay attention and speak their mind, it's not the church's place to force them.

The USA as Third World Country

It's official, our healthcare system is so broken that we now must rely on NPO's created to give medical care to Third World Countries to provide basic services for our citizens.

ProgPup reports that a charity designed to assist Third World countries and founded by Stan Brock has begun setting up mass clinics in the USA. The first of these was in Kentucky where hundreds of people turned out to see dentists, doctors, and receive even cancer treatment. Many had not seen a doctor in years because they couldn't afford one. ProgPup has full details and a video about the event.

Yeah, folks the whole Healthcare free market thing really works. While the GOP has fiddled for years so they could enrich the richest of us the rest of American society now officially qualifies as a Third World country. Way to go, guys!

Georgia strikes again...

Georgia's Fayette County Superior Court Judge Christopher Edwards is the belle of the ball. Last October, in divorce case between Eric Mongerson and Sandy Ehlers, he ruled that Mongerson, who is gay, "is prohibited from exposing the children to his homosexual partners and friends.” Mongerson is appealing the ruling to the Georgia Supreme Court. (Queery full story)

Daniel Radcliffe is flattered

As we all know Harry Potter has turned into quite the stud. That delicious treasure trail that made its appearance in the photos of his debut in "Equus" caused many a gay man's heart to flutter followed by a slightly queesy feeling of having those thoughts about Harry Potter.

But, Radcliffe is not offended or daunted by the attention. In fact, he's quite flattered:
"Oh, yeah. I know I definitely caught it. Absolutely. My mom was a casting director and my dad was a literary agent and I was surrounded by gay men from a very young age. And I was the only boy in my class at school who had that kind of relationship with gay men. Most of my friends had parents who had proper jobs in banks and law firms so none of them had been exposed to homosexuality in the way I had—as a normal course of things. So they had a rather different attitude toward it than I…I know I’m guilty of it sometimes—when you know a gay guy has a crush on you it is the most flattering thing.
Knowing who your friends are...

Ever wondered who in Congress actually supported marriage equality but didn't know where to find out? Well, fret no more. Equality Giving has established a database of Congressional Reps who support full equality for us. So far, it's 34. I'm not sure whether I'm glad it's 34 or depressed it's ONLY 34.

Proof Our Leaders Remain Clueless...

Just read this post over at Right Wing Watch.

Back now? OK, don't you love the quotes from the in crowd? They just don't get it do they? They're still laboring under the idea that ballot initiatives are the greatest thing since sliced bread. How do you undo ballot initiatives? Why just have another one. Oh, won that one? Then the opposition mounts another one. Into infinity we go with the never ending fight. Guys, we've got to stop this idea that popular votes on Civil Rights are acceptable. Maybe instead of jerking off holding more fundraisers you could get together with other groups and put an end to the idea that Civil Rights and Human Rights are fodder for mob rule. Huh? Think long term for a change instead of to the next theatre night, dinner gala, or cocktail party.

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