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Always Protect Your Queen

Jon Stewart: Washington was so crowded today, there's so many people... You, as a bishop, are sort of doubly handicapped in that situation, only being able to move diagonally. How is that negotiating the crowds?
Bishop Gene Robinson: Jon, you have to understand...there's a queen on the board as well.

They Still Do This?

The Phoenix skyline.Image via WikipediaColor me shocked. I thought this kind of crap went out in the 1950's. Apparently not in Phoenix, AZ though.

The Phoenix Country Club will open its men's and women's grills to either gender under a settlement of a discrimination lawsuit filed by the state.

Attorney General Terry Goddard's office announced the settlement mid-day Wednesday. The lawsuit, filed in September, accused the private country club of violating the state civil rights act by excluding women from its men's grill and men from its women's grill. (Tucson Citizen)

I wonder what other kind of "separate" facilities they might have up there? Guys it's 2009 why don't y'all join us on this side of the Millenium.

Harvey Milk Day

The headline of The San Francisco Examiner on ...Image via WikipediaIn 2008, the Govinator vetoed a bill creating a statewide "Day of Significance" in memory of Harvey Milk due to the usual vomitus from the "Christians." However, the measure is to be reintroduced this term and hopefully the former actor/governor will be swayed away from the wingnut's usual drivel about "indoctrination" (aren't they the ones who run schools and crap?). Maybe a handful of Academy Award Nominations and some big box office can do what conscience and decency couldn't do and let the Schwarzenegger grow a pair.

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