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Hey, Mr. Lady Just Cross those Legs!

A transwoman with Image via Wikipedia An Appleton, WI mixed race transgender woman is suing a nightclub for discrimination because she was denied entry. The club refused her entry to the club on the basis of sexuality.
A club manager told The Post-Crescent newspaper this summer, however, that the bars do not discriminate against gays or lesbians, but cannot accommodate Broussard because allowing her to use either the men's or women's restroom is a safety issue.
That's too bad for my friend Sandy who will be over on Sunday for dinner. See, I only have one bathroom and it's used by the men since that's all we have here. To insure her safety she'll have to cross her legs and hold it until she can get home.

Really? You're worried about her "safety" if she goes number 1 or number 2? I don't think that's really what you're worried about Mr. Manager.

Pam's House Blend has this story and a litany of similar "it's a bathroom thing" stories of discrimination.

Dobby (Hearts) Bundy

Dobby is at it again. The Focus on the Family website has blared that "Bundy was Right" referring to executed serial killer Ted Bundy. The self serving drivel relates Bundy's ultimate "exit interview" with James "Dobby" Dobson just before his execution for murdering a series of college co-eds. The website makes the case that Bundy would have been an upstanding citizen had it not been for porn and probably us homosexuals. Yes, somehow us wanting to get married in 2009 influenced heterosexual sociopath Ted Bundy to rape and kill women in the 1970's.

The article goes on to crow about how Ted Bundy's claims that porn drove him to kill have been borne out by the economic success of pornography as an industry. I guess they weren't aware that Bundy was one of the most manipulative and pathological liars ever to be caught who would tell anyone whatever they wanted to hear in order to bend them to his will. Oh, Dobby and you thought America's top Serial Killer was your BFF!

Freud Would Love This!

A Minnesota Anti-Choice protestor decided to ram his SUV into a Planned Parenthood office to "protest."

The incident happened at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday in St. Paul when 32-year-old Matthew Lee Derosia drove his SUV into the front door of the Planned Parenthood located at 1965 Ford Parkway in St. Paul.

Derosia was been charged on Friday with two felony counts of criminal damage to property.

According to the criminal complaint, officers found Derosia next to his vehicle in front of the Planned Parenthood holding a crucifix and shouting various Bible verses.

Derosia continued to ignore police and shouted, "Close down the Auschwitz death camp."

Once taken into custody, Derosia told police he took his mom's boyfriend's truck and planned to drive the truck into Planned Parenthood doors because the Lord told him to do it. He also felt that he wasn't doing enough protesting.

The usual enablers from the Anti-choice movement turned out to hold their previously planned "vigil" and passively "condemned" the violence while carrying on as if nothing happened.

But, the Freudian aspects of this are too juicy to ignore. You've got a guy who lives with his mom and her boyfriend who steals an SUV, the best phallic symbol outside a sleek sportscar and drives it into a women's clinic in an attempt to stop women from exercising control over their own bodies. Wow! Maybe Dobby could have found a new BFF if only he'd managed to kill a few of those "evil" women.

Errant Thought

I'm watching MSNBC while I'm writing this post and am wondering if the 2:00 to 3:00 slot is reserved for the anchors who ride the short bus to work. These two nitwit women are on my last nerve. Yes, sweetheart snow is rare in Greenville, NC. And for the love of Pete, the Portland Mayor had an affair with an 18 year old MAN, not a "teenager" you could at least freakin' mention the guy was an adult instead of continually going "he had sex with a teenage boy." WTF? Are you auditioning for Faux News?

Homophobia to the Tenth Power

Lesbian & Gay Pride (157) - 28Jun08, Paris (Fr...Image by philippe leroyer via FlickrHow do you get on the Terror Watch List? Easy, if you're gay and dare to stand up for your Civil Rights you may already be on there. It seems that a group in Maryland were put under surveillance by Homeland Security and state officials for daring to.... hold a peaceful protest in surpport of LGBT Civil Rights.

From the Washington Post:

"Equality Maryland, the state's largest gay rights group, was among the peaceful protest groups to be classified as terrorists in a Maryland State Police database.

…Police kept files on Equality Maryland's plans to hold rallies outside the State House in Annapolis to press for legislation reversing the state's ban on same-sex marriage. Police plan to purge the files.

The files were revealed yesterday at a news conference, where a dozen Democratic lawmakers announced plans to introduce legislation to prevent future surveillance of nonviolent groups.

Police would need "reasonable articulated suspicion of actual criminal activity" before they could conduct surveillance, the legislation's sponsors said."

My apologies to my friend, Jim, who recently was denied a police job because of a "questionable association" - he assumed it was another of our friends who is an immigrant but it could well have been the queer guy. Let's pray for a new day under President Obama.

No Gay Un-Marriage!

Texas AG, Greg Abbot (who is taken to posing with Ten Commandments monuments) has said he will fight a gay couple's attempt to divorce in Texas. The couple was married in Massachusetts but moved to Texas and now want to call it quits. Abbot has stated that he will fight their attempt to divorce in his state because Texas does not recognize their marriage.

OK, two thoughts on this one. First, guys, come on! What is the deal? We have couples in this country who've been together decades who weren't able to get married but you guys run out and tie the knot a couple years ago and are ready to call it quits and make this a big news story. Thanks for the help.

Secondly, you aren't married in Texas. You live in Texas. You can't get married to anyone else in Texas. So, why are you bothering with this? What? You're planning to divorce in TX and run back to MA or CT and marry your latest weekend fling?

Sorry to be so shrill, but this type of stuff gets on my last nerve. We're trying to get the right to be married and you guys are already getting divorced! Sheesh!

Mesa Getting On Board

The city of Mesa, AZ has begun to look at the possibility of establishing a domestic partnership registry in their community for unmarried straight and LGBT couples. Mesa City Councillor Dennis Kavanaugh has an article out today talking about how such a registry would aid couples. According to Kavanaugh, "The primary purpose of the registry is to ensure partner visitation rights in all health care facilities within the jurisdiction...The registration issued by the city could be used to demonstrate a domestic partnership to government agencies, employers, businesses or other third parties. As an example, many employers offer domestic partner benefits and the registry is a way to qualify for such benefits." Phoenix and Tucson already have domestic partnership registries. According to the 2006 Arizona census, there are 134,000 unmarried partner households in Arizona, and no doubt some of them live in Mesa. This registry, if the City Council takes it up later in 2009, would be a first step to make sure these couples are afforded some of the same rights offered to heterosexual couples.
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